The Case for Better Data in Higher Ed

Current law prohibits the federal government from collecting and reporting data on student outcomes at each college and university in the United States. As a result, students and taxpayers have been left in the dark about how colleges are performing to deliver quality education

That needs to change.

Luckily, the College Transparency Act (CTA) is one idea with broad bipartisan support that will empower students and families to make well-informed choices, while giving policymakers and institutions the data they need to make well-informed policy decisions.

By creating a privacy-protected, student-level data network, CTA would give Americans the full picture on which institutions provide students the best return on their investment and bring higher education out of the data dark ages.

We’re celebrating the bipartisan reintroduction of the College Transparency Act. Check out the bill text here.

CTA Resources

The College Transparency Act would create a complete, secure, privacy-protected federal student-level data network that counts all students, empower students to choose the college and program that fits their educational and career goals, spur continuous improvement for colleges and universities to promote strong outcomes for all students, inform evidence-based policymaking at the state and federal levels, and illuminate equity gaps in college access, success, and post-college outcomes.

Speak with experts working to make this happen:

Mamie Voight
Institute for Higher Education Policy

Tamara Hiler
Third Way

Rachel Fleischer
Young Invincibles

Antoinette Flores
Center for American Progress

Emily Bouck West
Higher Learning Advocates

Deb Santiago
Excelencia in Education

Bill DeBaun
National College Access Network